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Health Care

Our mobile application platform allows hospitals and health centres to develop cross-platform mobile applications that create positive experiences for patients and employees. From scheduling and online consultations to customer support and business analytics—our platform empowers businesses.

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Travel and Hospitality

Create an accompanying app/website to make your guests’ stay even more comfortable. Use the application to keep your guests informed on latest news, provide booking information, run a tour of your rooms, and introduce your staff.

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Create new opportunities for your business and for your customers with the help of specialized software. Transform the shopping experience with an engaging mobile app/website or improve business operations with a comprehensive enterprise software suite.

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As consumer service expectations continue rising, a branded insurance application can help you transform your business. Predict consumer needs by utilizing data and actionable analytics, optimize the customer experience, retain valuable policyholders, and identify new sales opportunities using applications built on our mobile platform.

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Begin managing your events and venues with software and mobile applications that excite your visitors and simplify work for your team. Build engaging applications using Intellectsoft’s robust mobile platform to create a single space that organizes information, helps with navigation, and sends timely schedule updates for your guests.

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School Management and Administration Software

If you need teacher/student evaluation software or special education solutions, such as IEP and RTI software, we have the experience and resources to develop such software for you.

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