How To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

How To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

How To Optimize Your Facebook Advertising Strategy

Among various social media handles, Facebook is the leading platform where users actively take part in noticing and reacting to the advertisements. It can be the designing of the site or the optimizing techniques which are being used by marketers that make the difference.

The Facebook advertising methodology has been proven to be the game changer for various new companies that forayed into the market through online advertising.

The most successful marketing campaigns have gathered a considerable contribution from their Facebook advertisement placement strategies. You can earn maximum sales by prompting the viewer to click on the ad and getting the message right!

Let us guide you on how you can optimize your Facebook advertisements and make them a part of your successful business outreach program:

Aim for the right audience

When you create your ad campaign on Facebook, you can find the feature as- “custom audience”- this feature allows you to define your target audience. You can even upload an email list of your existing customers and find them on Facebook.

Targeting is the right audience will help you in getting maximum returns on your investment. For example, if your product is- lingerie for Canadian women, then your ad should be specifying the region Canada. Also, put the keyword-“women,” or “lingerie for women” in customization. These keywords will help in placing your ads to the women who reside in Canada. Since it is a specific product, only the women can click on the ads and lead to a sale. Thus you will save money when you stop your ad from reaching haphazardly to all the countries and all the sections of society. Define your target audience is the first critical step towards optimizing the Facebook ads.

Build a stage for your ad on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook is different from the advertisements that we see on Google pages. Since Google is a direct search engine, mostly the prospective buyers who are looking for a particular product hit the click button and lead to channelizing a sale!

However, on Facebook, you have to convert a wishful Facebook user into a prospective customer through the “lucrative” ad campaign.

Therefore, create a stage, build up a story to hook your customer to your ads and motivate them to buy “without making it mundane and long.” It takes a whole lot of creativity to create ads for the Facebook users, but this is the Mantra for success!

Be experimental, do not stick to a “type”

Just as the world is advancing so fast, so are the social media ad campaigns! The innovation is the key. Keep experimenting with every format of your advertisements that will help you in bringing new followers every time.

So every time you create an ad, define its goal and then choose a format from the array such as the video ads, carousel ads, click through ads, and panel ads.

Your ads should match with the set up you choose for its campaigning. For example- if you are advertising eco-friendly t-shirts, you may want to produce a carousel advertisement instead of a video-based advertisement. It will be cost effective as well as customer specific too.

However, if you want to create the awareness about “why should one opt for your brand”- you may choose to create a video for it. Kindly notice that your aim has changed with the layout of the ad!

Create 2–3 ads to monitor the performance

Since Facebook is a mass media where you meet people from varied sections of the global society, you cannot rely on a single ad for determining the performance. We suggest creating 2–3 advertisements with different styling and layouts. Place them strategically and monitor their performance continuously.

Moreover, do not forget to watch how much each ad costs you as compared to the returns. It will help you in determining the best performing ads, and thus you can stop the other ones who are not doing well. It will help you in saving the budget as well as positioning and creating the future ads.

Ad creation

The ultimate onus lies on the shoulders of the ad design. If you have set everything, but your ad is not appealing to the customers, they may ignore it. Therefore, use every possible feature that you think can make your ad appealing.

Emoticons, hashtags, taglines, texts, gifs- these are all effective in driving the customers. Just be cautious not to overuse them.


There is no rocket science behind optimizing your ads on social media, but it certainly needs the dedication, observation, and creativity to succeed. Make your strategies and follow the guidelines as stated above. You can undoubtedly get acknowledgment from a broad public platform which is available through Facebook.

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